About Us


Our personal mission is to be more than tax preparers who champion accuracy, honesty, sincerity, and integrity. We are convinced the only way to succeed is to build relationships with clients who appreciate the same core beliefs and want to enhance their own lives and the lives of others.

Mission to Deliver

Our mission to deliver drives us to provide peace of mind, security, and accountability for each and every client while dedicating ourselves to constant and never-ending improvement. Restating our motto “Making Taxes Less Taxing“does not end after the return is prepared. It goes by in depth analysis to save on taxes currently and prepare for future events.

Securing Your Privacy and Data

Security. Most dictionaries define it as freedom from danger, risk; freedom from care, anxiety, or doubt; something that secures or makes safe; and, not least, an assurance.

In a time when computer security breaches at large and small organizations have become increasingly common, we understand your deep concern about protecting your personal and financial information.

Tax Shop has software, network, personnel, and policies designed to help protect your financial and personal information—not only from the most skillful hackers, but also from the careless error that could lead to loss or release of information.

A multilayered solution that gives you layers of assurance
Tax Shop has crafted a multilayered solution, combining several technologies that work together in an effort to shield your sensitive information from unauthorized access and tampering.

  • Intrusion protection and detection systems monitor all access to the Tax Shop and actively stop attacks.
  • A combination of firewalls and access controls work to limit network access to personnel who need it.
    • Moreover, firewalls are equipped with deep-packet inspection that searches automatically for viruses, spam, and other forms of intrusion.
  • All electronic transmissions of your account and personal data within the Tax Shop and it’s tax software (Drake) are encrypted thus preventing it from being tampered with.
  • Tax Shop backs up all information nightly to prevent data loss.

Tax Shop has policies and procedures that involve privacy and security in compliance with the IRS.

  • Tax Shop has a Privacy Policy in place required and approved by the IRS, recognizing in writing its commitment to preventing unauthorized access to the information it collects, including information held in electronic format, by maintaining physical, electronic, and procedural safeguards.
  • In addition with IRS compliance, third parties seeking information on clients is not permitted without the written consent of the clients’ and the use of IRS authorized form 7216.
  • Form 7216 specifies the requestor and purpose of the information. If this form is not used, it is the clients’ responsibility to adhere to this privacy issue and information will not be shared by Tax Shop.
  • For investment clients, Advisory Group Equity Services, Ltd., offers access and information developed especially for you.
  • Tax Shop’s data retention policy is compliant with the IRS and Mass DOR. We retain any hard copy files for three filing years and a fourth year in archive. Beyond those years and other information are shredded using the service, DataShredder Inc. When full, a locked steel bin, property of DataShredder Inc. is removed and replaced with another empty bin. The full bin is taken to a remote location and shredded 8 fold. A certificate confirmation is delivered by DataShredder Inc. to Tax Shop acknowledging the records were destroyed.

Staff Profiles

Anthony D. Speziale – Proprietor and Founder

Anthony D. Speziale – Proprietor and Founder


Anthony (Tony) graduated from Bentley College with a Bachelor’s in Accounting. He also holds a Master’s in Business Administration cum laude from University of Massachusetts. He began his career in mutual funds with Putnam and Fidelity Investments and has also held positions with Sungard Brokerage Systems.

Tony still does consulting as a Business Systems Analyst in tax and compliance systems and had worked with JPMorganChase, Putnam Investments, Tanisha Systems and Arbella Insurance.

Tony is an Enrolled Agent licensed to practice before the Internal Revenue Service and the Mass. Department of Revenue.

Tony currently resides in Saugus, MA with his wife Karen, and children – Paul & Lisa. They enjoy traveling, bowling, golf and a good comedy.

Jeffrey R. Zaginailoff – Senior Tax Consultant

Jeffrey R. Zaginailoff – Senior Tax Consultant


Jeffrey (Jeff) graduated from the Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania with a Bachelor of Science degree in Finance and Economics. He began his career with State Street Bank. He also held positions at Putnam and currently works at Fidelity Investments as a Senior Attribution Analyst.

Jeff is a Registered Tax Return Preparer (RTRP) by passing the IRS Competency Exam. He has a Certificate in Taxation and has designed many spreadsheet models that have proven useful for self employed clients as well as many analytics for tax situations.

Jeff was born in Melrose, grew up and went to high school in Beverly, and currently resides in Revere. His interests include fishing, skiing, music (guitar and keyboards) and Civil War history.

Lisa A. Desmond – Payroll Coordinator

Lisa A. Desmond – Payroll Coordinator


Lisa graduated from Burdett School with a Certificate in Accounting. She was employed by Charles Koritsas Tax Service. She also held positions at Stride Rite, Orion Research and the Winthrop Arms.

Lisa currently oversees the payroll function for our business clients and handles the e-filing acknowledgements. Lisa does also assist with data entry with the accounting software. Both Lisa and Karen Towski keep the office efficient.

Lisa resides in Winthrop, MA with her husband Mark, and children – Anthony & Jamie. Her interests include shopping and spending time her family.

Karen Domenico Towski – Office Manager

Karen Domenico Towski – Office Manager


Karen graduated from Bay State College with a degree in Business. She held positions at Fidelity Investments overseeing duties and administration for several executives.

Karen currently oversees the office functions and handles the scheduling. Karen is also a Notary Public. Karen does also assist with data entry with the accounting software. Both Karen and Lisa Desmond keep the office efficient.

Karen was born in East Boston and resides in Saugus, MA with her husband Joseph, and children – Jake & Alexa. She enjoys her family and gardening.